For every person who pledges to #SaytheFword, we'll donate $1 to women's health and empowerment non-profits.


Fertility is not a dirty word


Most women think about their fertility and reproductive health, but few talk about their plans or fears with their families and friends, or even their doctors. There's no question: the decision of if, when, and how to have kids is personal.


When the personal remains private, we give power to the shame that’s kept women silent about their bodies for way too long. 


Pledge to #SaytheFWord in 2018, because no conversation means no information, and when it comes to having the future you want, information just might be everything.


It's time to break the silence

Two thirds of millennial women worry about their ability to have children, but most keep those concerns to themselves.

While miscarriage is common, almost half of women who experience them never tell their friends, and one in five don’t even tell their partners.

One in eight women have difficulty getting pregnant, but three quarters of those who seek treatment don’t tell those closest to them.

The result? No matter what choice a woman makes, she’s likely to feel alone. When we #SaytheFword together, we can empower an entire generation to pursue the futures they deserve, on their own terms.

These women have joined the #SaytheFWord movement to break taboos and increase awareness of women's reproductive health. Listen to their stories, then share your own on social media using #SaytheFword. 

When you #SaytheFword, you empower yourself to plan for the future with your body in mind.


#SaytheFword to your family, and you might learn about health history that could inform how you think about your future.

Say it to your friends, and you’ll make clear that when it comes to making life-defining decisions, there’s no room for shame.

Say it to your doctor, and you’ll be opening the door to learning more about your body, which will better prepare you to build the future you want.

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Nominate a  #FierceFemale

In honor of Women’s History Month, we're celebrating women who inspire others and represent the #SaytheFword ideals of strength, openness, and empowerment.

Know a #FierceFemale? Nominate them! You can nominate any woman who inspires you. Whether you’d like to recognize a public figure for her outspoken support of women’s equality, a female business leader who is changing the workplace for the better, or a personal friend who inspires you through her compassion and strength, we want to feature all types of women who are making a difference - both big and small!


#FierceFemale spotlight

"Kara's been teaching in schools with underserved populations while attending graduate school in order to improve the education systems in our community. She has survived an abusive relationship and turned it into a female empowerment movement by coaching middle school girls running and body positivity. In her free time she volunteers and contributes to community literacy and art projects. She is dedicated, hard working and radiates joy and energy. I can’t think of anyone better to be nominated."

Where to begin?

Don't worry, we got you.


Not afraid to #SaytheFword

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Say it loud

Share your story on social, tag it with #SaytheFword, and help us inspire a generation. 


Our allies

At Celmatix, we’re proud to have allies who are just as committed to empowering women to #SaytheFword as we are.