We’re looking for 25 passionate women to represent the #SaytheFword movement across the country as #SaytheFword Ambassadors

As an ambassador, you'll join a council of women who believe in breaking fertility and reproductive health taboos, starting honest, open conversations about their bodies, and empowering women to take greater control of their health and design the futures they want.


The inaugural class of ambassadors will:


- Receive exclusive invitations to participate in initiatives and product feedback sessions that will shape the future of women's health

- Be featured in #SaytheFword blog posts and social media campaigns

- Host #SaytheFword Circles to mobilize friends and family members and start open conversations about women's health

- Empower women across the nation to learn more about their fertility and reproductive health by posting #SaytheFword content on social media


Step 1: Apply

Complete the form at the bottom of this page to be considered for the ambassador program, and we'll be in touch within a week!

Ideal applicants will:

  • Demonstrate the #SaytheFword ideals of strength, empowerment, and openness
  • Describe innovative and creative ways they will empower women to join the #SaytheFWord movement
  • Be fearless, loud, and proud to be a #SaytheFword ambassador, inspiring a groundswell of campaign involvement among the women in their lives

At this time, Ambassadors must be residents of the United States. 


Ambassador group images.png

Step 2:


Build your c


Ambassadors are encouraged to host #SaytheFword Circles, during which women can share stories and talk openly and honestly about fertility and reproductive health. The more conversations we start, the more we can empower women to take control of their health.

Ambassadors will receive kits to help they host fun events, containing: 

- A how-to guide for hosting your first group

- Take-home guides for group members on how to start conversations with their partners, friends, doctors and family members

- Take-home family health history worksheets

- #SaytheFword swag for 10 group members

- A $50 Visa gift card to help you host a fun event

Step 3: Empower women across the nation

Share photos of your #SaytheFword Circles on social media to encourage more women to share their stories and talk about fertility and reproductive health both online and off. Tag your photos with #FwordAmbassador so we can give your photos the love they deserve!

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This is your time to shine! Tell us what inspired you to take the #SaytheFword pledge, how you'll empower the women in your life to join the movement, and the ways you plan to represent #SaytheFword in your community.
We need ambassadors who will fearlessly and proudly motivate the women to join the #SaytheFword movement by taking the pledge. Enter the emails of a few friends or family members below. We'll let them know how they can support the #SaytheFword campaign and your quest to become an ambassador!